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Programme Core Worth
$50 - Application Fee
$350 - Course Administration Fee
$1099 - Tuition Fees-Assessments-Project Work

Will you be interested in receiving information about bursary applications when open? [bursaries will at any point cover costs of TUITION, ASSESSMENTS AND PROJECTS ONLY]

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This is your main essay for consideration by the admissions board. You are advised to be thorough but succinct. Put your best foot forward. The board is looking for show of PASSION for youth development, EXPERIENCE, and COMMITMENT, and show of ABILITY TO COMPLETE the course.
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Any additional information
I certify that I have not been charged and convicted of any discriminatory practices in any country and neither have I been charged or convicted of any sexual offenses against anybody or involved in any child abuse cases anywhere.

Registration Form

Welcome to the REGISTRATION FORM for the 2017 Annual Business Conference of accountants organised by ZICA, ACCA, and CIMA Zambia for all accountants and stakeholders in Zambia.
Kindly complete one online registration form for each delegate.

Starting with Country Code, e.g. 260
Starting with Country Code, e.g. 260

After payment, upload a copy of bank transfer receipt or deposit slip.

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